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Our people are our strength


The Consulting, Auditing and Statutory Advising group consists of departments employing chartered accountants, auditors, tax advisors, laywers and experts in other areas. Our people are highly qualified professionals who possess appropriate certifications, and substantial experience. They bring up-to-date knowledge, analysis techniques and insight into organization's challenges.


Efficient opperations and growth of a company mandates flexibility and agility in making strategic decisions in response to changing business environment. Decisions must be based on comprehensive knowledge which can be provided by specialised indpendent consultants and experts in the area.
Use of external services is often manadated by law, i.e. Code of Trading Companies (Kodeks spółek handlowych)


We are a group formed specifically to offer comprehensive business services. Our wide array of services, an agile and professional team is our guarantee of solid partnership, thoroughness and objective approach to challenges.
We are deeply convinced, that we can live up to your organization's expectations, because:

  • the needs of every customer are addressed individually
  • we earn our trust through proffesionalism, accuracy and wide spectrum of services
  • we create conditions that foster business activity with a sense of security for the management teams and stakeholders
  • we are prepared to represent your company in front of government institutions
  • We adhere to the norms and standads in all professions that we practice
  • We guarantee confidentiality of all acquired information with a written contract


We offer a full range of advisory services, expert opinions and auditing ranging from simple current analyses to complex reports about firm's status and solutions applicable in medium and long term.

Our goal is making your organization more efficient, enforce internal control policies, improve quality of financial information and increase the level of security for those who are legally responsible for financial statements and for ambitious boards who aspire to achieve the highest levels in management standards.